The aac – Academy for Architectural Culture + the Mirmiran Architecture Foundation

Campus Rainvilleterrasse – home of the Academy for Architectural Culture (aac) in the historical nautical college in Hamburg © Marcus Bredt

aac – Academy for Architectural Culture

The aac – Academy for Architectural Culture is located in Hamburg, Germany, and is a private not-for-profit architectural academy founded by the architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp). It is funded by the gmp Foundation. With research studies and intensive courses throughout the year, the aac focuses on the search for solutions to relevant architectural issues and on the continuing education of young architects from a range of different cultural backgrounds.

MAF – Mirmiran Architecture Foundation

The Mirmiran Architecture Foundation was founded in Tehran in 2006 and named after the Iranian architect Seyyed Hadi Mirmiran, founding partner of NJP – Naqsh-e Jahan Pars Consulting Engineers, who, throughout his life, did much for the promotion and training of young students of architecture. The Mirmiran Architectural Award is given annually by the Foundation in recognition of outstanding designs by students.

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